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Want to get your domains first? It all starts with Watchlist. Track the domains and TLDs that interest you for free with no commitment. We’ll notify you via email each step of the way to launch. For example, pizza parlors in New York can add .pizza and .nyc to their Watchlist free of charge and register their domain in whichever TLD launches first.

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Watchlist FAQs

TLD stands for Top Level Domain. It's sometimes more simply referred to as the domain's extension. The most famous example is .com. So for example, in the TLD is .com. In the TLD is .net.

New TLDs will go through a typical lifecycle such as this:

  1. TLD Application Approved by ICANN
  2. Sunrise Period
  3. Landrush Period
  4. General Availability

You will be able to purchase domain names directly from Watchlist as registries begin taking orders for each TLD.

When a company wants to open a new TLD, they must submit a proposal to ICANN for review. The new TLD can be launched once ICANN approves the application.

Sunrise is the first phase of a TLD launch in which owners of trademarks may register domains containing their marks. Some TLDs may hold additional Sunrise phases targeting members of specific communities or organizations.

Landrush is the phase of a TLD launch during which domain names are available for registration for non-trademark holders that wish to register generic terms like loan or car but cannot participate in the Sunrise period. Landrush comes after Sunrise but before General Availability.

Pre-registration is a phase of a TLD launch that allows for the placement of Pre-orders that are to be executed immediately upon the opening of the General Availability period. Pre-registration will be only supported for some TLDs.

General Availability is the phase of a TLD launch when domain names are publicly available for anyone to register as long as registrants adhere to the requirements established by that particular TLD’s registry.

Watchlist is FREE with no obligation or commitment. You may enter in as many domains to watch as you like. We will inform you as we update the rules for Watchlist.

We will update Watchlist and email you details as information becomes available for each TLD.

You will be able to place orders for the Sunrise, Landrush, Pre-registration, and General Availability phases that are supported direct from Watchlist. We’ll send you emails when we begin accepting orders so you don’t miss the chance to get the domains you want.

Applications for new TLDs in this status have been submitted but have not yet been scheduled for review by ICANN, the organization overseeing the new TLD program. The status will be updated once the evaluation of the TLD application begins.

Once a registry has published its pricing for a TLD’s launch phases, we will be able to establish our pricing. Pricing for each launch phase will be shown in your Watchlist manager.

Your Watchlist is an expression of interest, not a commitment to buy. You may remove items from Watchlist at any time.

Each proposed TLD has is pending approval by ICANN. As applications are approved, each TLD will have its own launch timeline. Watchlist will be updated as those timelines become available.

All Watchlist entries are private to the account that submitted them.

Watchlist does not accept TLDs that will not be available for public registration. Updates to Watchlist are ongoing as the status of TLDs change.

The non-profit organization that regulates the domain naming system for the Internet. ICANN's mission is to ensure the continued stability and security of the DNS (Domain Name System).   is part of Tucows, a leading domain name services company.
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