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As one of the largest domain name service providers, EnomCentral has a dedicated Compliance team that strives to improve the security of the Internet. Whether we are proactively taking bad actors offline or investigating reports of abuse, safeguarding the online interests of consumers and organizations is a job our team takes very seriously. EnomCentral uses Zendesk to track requests.

EnomCentral has a zero tolerance policy for spam and a public track record of responsively and responsibly taking action when we discover spam from domains registered or hosted with us. Our team monitors the use of our system and services to ensure they are not used for the purpose of sending out unsolicited email.

If you would like to report spam for a domain registered in our system, please provide the required information requested below. Our team will investigate within the next 24 business hours. Please keep in mind:

  • We will not contact you unless we need more information.
  • Your message will be evaluated for merit and acted on where appropriate.
  • We may contact the reseller about the abuse report if that domain name is registered through a partner.
  • We reserve the right to use your notice to substantiate the abuse to the domain name registrant.
  • You may not receive a reply or update from us unless additional information is needed.

We take abuse very seriously and investigate every incident that is reported. Please provide the following required details so that our team can research your complaint.

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eNomCentral has actively combated illegal online pharmacies through a multi-faceted approach and extensive collaboration with Internet leaders and law enforcement officials.

  • eNomCentral's parent company eNom is a founding member of the Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP), whose mission is to promote safe online pharmacies, and has an active member representative on the board of CSIP.
  • Working diligently and pro-actively with LegitScript, the leading source of Internet pharmacy verification, eNomCentral identifies customers violating our terms of service by operating illegal online pharmacies and takes them offline. As a result of this partnership, we have developed an aggressive policy that has led to an exemplary process and success rate in combating "rogue" Internet pharmacies.
  • Thousands of illegal online pharmacies have been shut down by eNomCentral over the past few years.
  • An independent study conducted by academic researchers concluded that our relationship with LegitScript has had the noticeable effect of removing a high percentage of these rogue pharmacy domain names from eNomCentral's systems and the Internet.

eNomCentral has a zero tolerance policy for spam and a public track record of responsively and responsibly taking action when we discover spam or security issues with systems registered or hosted with eNomCentral .

  • Working closely with many Internet security organizations, we share information critical to combating spam and malware across the Internet. Collaborating with companies like Spamhaus, HostExploit, Arbor, NetCraft, Google and many others, we actively strive to make the Internet a safer environment for consumers.
  • We monitor the use of our system and services to ensure they are not used for the purpose of sending out unsolicited email. And we have taken measures to prevent the abuse of our registration engine and DNS services at a transaction's point of origin doing our part to eliminate spam.
  • eNomCentral's parent company eNom works with HostExploit to establish accurate and reliable measurements of spam and malware activities on our systems and our efforts have resulted in our systems being relatively free of harmful spam and malware, as reported by HostExploit.
  • eNomCentral investigates and takes appropriate action with every Spam or security report that we receive.

Navigating the complex world of intellectual property rights protection in hundreds of countries and protecting third party rights holders is a full time job for many people at eNom.

  • Our staff members have consistently contributed to ICANN policy and process development with respect to Rights Protection. An example is the Community Proposal for the Trademark Clearinghouse for the new gTLD program, where we co-authored this important document submitted to ICANN in October 2012.
  • eNomCentral complies with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, as approved by ICANN, regarding disputes concerning domain names alleged to infringe the rights of third parties.
  • eNomCentral respects the copyright rights of others and expects that the people who use its services do the same. We follow the DMC's notice and takedown provisions concerning the removal of materials infringing on the copyright rights of third parties. Please see our Copyright Policy for more information.
  • We have established a clear Civil Subpoena Policy and a clear Criminal Subpoena Policy to assist rights holders and law enforcement in investigating abuse and wrong doing.

If you have a legitimate interest to access the tiered registration directory, click here to send an email including your name, legitimate interest for access, and domain name(s) for which access is desired. If you already have access and would like to log in, click here.

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