.tv was made for websites with video
Only $7.99/yr


Video. Audio. Streaming. If your personal, professional, or business website includes a play button, it’s made for a .tv domain extension.

With a .tv, you’re choosing more than a URL. You’re choosing to tell people what kind of content is on your site even before they visit. You’re choosing to say you’re offering a more engaging online experience. And you’re choosing to stand out from the ever-increasing crowd of everyday no-video-here web addresses.

  • Ideal for personal, business and professional sites featuring a video experience.

  • Greater chance of getting a domain name that highlights your content.

  • Backed by VeriSign, a trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services operating over 95 million domain names.

Tell people to expect video on your website by choosing a .tv

* If you are having trouble registering a .tv domain name at this location and price, you may not be eligible.