International Domain Names FAQs

Could you or your customers attract more business from other countries if your sites could be accessed in their native languages?

Imagine reaching the 500 million internet users around the world in their own language. Register your domain name in a variety of character sets, and see how quickly you can expand your business horizons.

Businesses who have leveraged the power of marketing to an international audience know the power of creating localized domain names in multiple languages forwarded to their existing websites using International Domain Names (IDN).

How do I obtain an IDN?

Once you or your customer has established an account with us, simply log in and go to our bulk register tool. Enter the domain name you would like to register, either with a properly configured multi-lingual keyboard, or by copying and pasting the characters from somewhere else. From there, simply proceed normally. To view the domain names in their native character sets in the "My Domains" page you will need to select the option to do so in the drop down menu at the bottom of your domain list.

Are IDN Transfers supported?

Already have IDNs? Many registrars have announced they will be dropping support for IDNs. Check that your current registrar is still supporting them...or you might lose them! Don't take chances, use eNomCentral for all your International Domain Name needs. Feel confident that your IDNs are secure and will be continually supported.

Transfer your IDNs here!

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Which languages are supported?

Availability of languages is dependent upon Unicode characters. Many scripts (especially Latin) are used for a very large number of languages. Unicode covers all the languages that can be written in the following scripts: Latin; Greek; Cyrillic; Armenian; Hebrew; Arabic; Syriac; Thaana; Devanagari; Bengali; Gurmukhi; Oriya; Tamil; Telugu; Kannada; Malayalam; Sinhala; Thai; Lao; Tibetan; Myanmar; Georgian; Hangul; Ethiopic; Cherokee; Canadian-Aboriginal Syllabics; Ogham; Runic; Khmer; Mongolian; Han (Japanese, Chinese, Korean ideographs); Hiragana; Katakana; Bopomofo; Croatian and Yi.

Which TLDs are supported?

Currently, we support .COM and.NET.

How much does it cost?

The fees for registering domain names in those new character sets are different than those in the English character set. To get the current pricing add the IDN you wish in its native character set to the bulk register tool and the price will be displayed in your cart. You can always remove the name should you decide not to purchase it.

How do I view my International Domain Names (IDNs)?

To view the domain names in their native character sets in the "My Domains" page you will need to select the option to do so in the drop down menu at the top of your domain list.

How do I set my Name Servers?

When functional, the name you create will work just like any English-character name in that you can enter it into your browser and be taken to the corresponding Web site. The native language domain name will be followed by .com, .net or .de. At this time you will not be able to configure your name servers with IDNs.

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If you have any additional questions, please visit our Support Center.

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