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DNS Hosting Ensures Your Site is Always On

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  • Protects Your Site from Hackers
  • Powers Domains at Other Registrars
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Ensure Your Site is Always On with DNS Service

DNS directs traffic over the Internet by connecting domain names to websites. When you enter a URL into your web browser, DNS tells your web browser how to connect to the website.

If you have a bad DNS service provider it can damage your reputation and business since your site will load slowly or not at all. Just like a busy intersection, heavy traffic on DNS causes build ups and delays. When DNS goes down so does your website, stopping your business dead in its tracks.

Keep Your Site Online

Our DNS service is designed to handle heavy traffic loads so your site can get more sales and traffic.

Protect Your Site from Hackers

Attacking DNS is a common tactic for taking down websites. Our DNS is fortified against hackers to stop attacks.

No matter where your domain is registered, our DNS gives you access to
our Email and Web Site Creator services!

You have questions, we have answers

Why should I purchase DNS Hosting?

Purchase DNS hosting if you want to use our services but your domain is registered somewhere else, and you don’t want to (or can’t) transfer it here.

What products do I have access to with DNS Hosting?

All our products are available for domains that use our DNS Hosting except ID Protect. These products are only available for domains registered directly with us.

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¹ ID Protect are not available with DNS Hosting.   is part of Tucows, a leading domain name services company.
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