Account Validation FAQs

What is Account Validation?

Account Validation is optional extra login security for your account. When Account Validation is enabled, the login process requires correct answers to identity verification questions, in addition to the usual login ID and password.

Why do I need Account Validation?

Enabling Account Validation will provide your account with additional security. When a set of security questions are answered successfully or your computer is identified as being permissible, we are able to ensure that you are an authorized user who should have access to account details and permission to make changes to your account, such as managing your domain names and other services.

How will Account Validation protect my account?

When you enable Account Validation, you’re ensuring that only those users you have authorized are accessing your account and are permitted to make changes to your domain names.

How do I enable Account Validation?

Log in. Hover on "My Account" and click "Settings". Click "account validation". Select "Enable". Select security questions, type answers, and click "Save Changes". Once you have successfully enabled Account Validation, our system will automatically log you out and require you to log in again.

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What if my account information is inaccurate?

If you are not able to furnish accurate color photo id for the account holder we cannot grant you access to the account. You must ensure that all information in the My Info section of your account is accurate and up-to-date before activating this additional layer of security.

How can I make the best use of the security questions for Account Validation?

Since the goal of Account Validation is to test information that only you would know, it’s best to choose security questions for which there is a single unambiguous answer that answer does not appear in publicly available records or on sites such as Facebook.

How did you decide on these questions?

We selected questions that would not have answers available in public record databases (like past addresses, phone numbers, mother’s maiden name, etc.) or that might be likely to appear in Facebook or other sources (brother’s name, college, high school, etc.). We also wanted them to be a little fun, memorable for you, and not known to others.

What if I get locked out of my account?

If you are locked out of your account we recommend you contact us through our online Contact Form (recommended):

Once at the Contact Form:

  1. Use the ‘New users login here’ section and fill in ALL the fields (name, e-mail address, and telephone number)
  2. Use the ‘Submit a ticket’ tab to enter a support ticket w/ the account holder’s LOGIN ID, the account holder's color photo id, or if the account is under a business name provide the Articles of Incorporation or other business licenses along with the color photo id of a listed officer
  3. The password that is sent is for logging into the Support Center a second time, using the ‘Returning users’ link

To contact technical support by phone, have your login ID ready and call…
425.974.4689 option 4

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What can I do to make sure I minimize the chances of getting locked out?

To minimize the chances of getting locked out, choose security questions and answers that are easy for you to remember.

Do NOT write down your answers since that will compromise your account’s security.

To prepare for the possibility of being locked out, make sure the contact information for the account holder is up-to-date.

If a lockout occurs, you’ll be required to send in color photo id, or if the account is under a business name you’ll need to provide the Articles of Incorporation or other business licenses along with the color photo id of an officer listed in the account contact information.

How do I disable Account Validation once I’ve enabled it?

You can disable Account Validation at any time. However, for security reasons you will be required to provide the answers to your security questions before this feature can be disabled.

Log in. Hover on “My Account” and click “Settings”. Click “account validation”. Answer the Account Validation security questions and click “Continue”. Select “Disable” and click “Save Changes”.

What else can I do to protect my account?

Account Validation is just one of several tools you can use, separately or together, to protect your account. Others include:

  • Use a unique and complex password. Do not use "password" or your login ID as the password.
  • In your password, a combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols (for example * @ _ . /) is best.
  • If you have multiple accounts, use a unique password for each account.
  • Do not use the same password for your email or hosting accounts as you use for your main account.
  • Change your passwords frequently.
  • If you are using a domain name that you control for the email address on your account, do not allow the domain name to expire.
  • Keep Registrar-Lock enabled on your domains.
  • Select a Secret Question/Answer that only you are able to supply in case you forget your password.
  • Only provide your login ID and password to colleagues and trusted family members who are authorized to access your account.
  • When an employee leaves or is terminated, be sure to change your password, and secret question and answer, on the “My Info” page.

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