Adult TLDs

.ADULT joins .XXX in creating a carved-out market niche for the adult entertainment industry. With .ADULT, sites that host erotic content, gaming platforms, or e-storefronts that may only be accessed by adults, have a new option in domain name extensions that simultaneously increases targeted traffic by allowing users to look for relevant sites and also acts as a barrier between the site and children and teens by providing an easily identifiable marker.
.PORN provides another option for pornographic websites, to create an environment of healthy competition and namespace, and to branch out from the already successful .XXX domain extension option. As a home for adult content, .PORN serves two main purposes: One, to establish a recognizable, and intuitive digital hub in order to facilitate market growth, and two, to act as a signpost, alerting users to the content of a site before clicking through, and thereby creating a safer user experience.
As the most popular search term on the Internet, “sex” can refer to a number of different industries and educational organizations, from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture birth control to charities promoting safe sex awareness to the adult entertainment industries. The .SEX TLD provides an identifying marker to help the Internet public easily mark webpage content as pertaining to sex, meaning that users can both find what they’re looking for better, and avoid what they’re not.   is an affiliate of   , a leading domain name services company.
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